Les Chefs de la Cuisine

Jessica Hassenrück
Head of Conference

Head of Conference

M.Sc. Jessica Hassenrück (née Pfotzer) is our Head of Conference.

- organization and control of all other heads and subgroups

- coordination during planning and execution

- contact to the GDCh and University of Konstanz

- room management

Despite this challenging position, she is very passionate about her research and chair as speaker of our JCF Konstanz.

Head of Program

Head of Program

M.Sc. Andreas Spinnrock and M.Sc. Ho-Wah Siu:

- organisation of international keynote speakers 

- schedule with all poster sessions and oral presentations

- time-slots for industry lectures and young professionals

Head of Finances

Head of Finances

M.Sc. Ilona Wimmer and B.Sc. Felizitas Kirner:

- contact to sponsors and supporters

- management of financial expenses and bills

- travel grant finances

Head of Anniversary

Head of Anniversary

M.Sc. Rebecca Faißt and M.Sc. Mareike Rapp:

- organisation experimental lecture

- anniversary events

Head of On-Site Managment

Head of On-Site Managment

M.Sc. Andra-Lisa Hoyt (not in the picture) and M.Sc. Christina Rank:

- conference dinner

- conference party

- coffee breakes

Head of Guest Service

Head of Guest Service

M.Sc. Hannah Welte and M.Sc. Bastian Trepka

- social activities

- accomodations

- travel grants

- registration desk

Head of Media

Head of Media

Last but not least: M.Sc. Christopher Hassenrück

- homepage

- templates

- registration process

- twitter and facebook

- book of abstracts

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