20. Fr├╝hjahrssymposium

21st of March 2018 - 24th of March 2018


The FJS Media Team is very sorry for any inconvenience regarding the missing degrees in the registration process. The degrees B.Eng., M.Eng, and Dipl. Chem. have been added.

The registration for the workshops and social activities will be open the 09. november. Thank you for your patience.

THE REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Follow us on facebook and twitter to stay tuned!

Dear young scientist,

after some hours of work we are excited to present you our new homepage for the JCF Fr├╝hjahrssymposium 2018 in Konstanz! Have a look around and explore our program, social activities, how to get to the University of Konstanz or where to stay.

Drop by our sponsors, that may become your future employer. You may meet them during the conference and discuss your future salary :P

Still in need for money? Our travel grants could help you out.

Sit down a second and think about actively design the conference with us by applying for a poster or for an oral presentation!

made with rukzuk, many thanks to Patrick Meinusch