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we are sorry but we closed the registration. For further questions please adress us through our contact form.

Thank you for your interest and have a nice day!

We wish you a very interesting and convenient Spring Symposium 2018 here in Konstanz!

Terms and Conditions


You can pay the participation fee by bank transfer (invoice). The price is per person and the registration is valid only after we have received your payment of 50€. This fee does not include the fees of the social activities.


Cancellations are not valid unless there is a force majeure and the registration deadline has not yet been reached. After the deadline, no cancellations will be accepted.


The event organizers are not liable for damages due to force majeure or for the loss /theft of valuable items. Furthermore, the hosts and event organizers are not liable for damages associated with overnight stays and travelling. We reserve the right to change the program and pricing.

Notice concerning photo and video recordings

During this conference, photos, videos and sound may be recorded. To protect your personal privacy rights, photos/videos produced during hte conference will only be shown and published in relation to the Jungchemiker Frühjahrssymposium (JCF-FJS) & Jungchemikerforum (website, press information, etc). By participating in our conference you are giving the Jungchemikerforum Konstanz the permission to use the photos and video recodings without limitation in terms of time and space as long as an explicit reference to the Jungchemikerforum is recognisable.

Data privacy statement

When you register for the conference your data will be saved on a server. This data will only be used in the context of the organization of and your participation in the conference. They may be used also by the conference organizers to contact you (e.g. further information or changes to the program). Your data will not be given to a third party nor used for any other purposes. Furthermore, you may contact us at any time if you would like us to delete your data.


Please check wether you will need a visa for Germany. Applying for and obtaining a visa is your own responsibility

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