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Social Activities

The Frühjahrssymposium 2020 will officially start with the welcome reception on wednesday evening (March 25th 2020) and last until the the closing ceremony on saturday noon (March 28th 2020). For those of you that arrive early and/or depart late on these days, we have compiled a variety of social activites that might be booked by you additionally during the registration process. You can choose between guided city tours, sport activities, a brewery tour and a tour through the famous chocolate museum in cologne. The confernece dinner and a pub tour, in contrast, are already included within the conference fee.

Guided City Tours

Classic City Tour

Wed, 25th March, 2 p.m.

We will explore Colognes 2000 year old rich history by taking a stroll through the narrow, cobble stoned alleys of the old town. We will discover what the Cologne Heinzelmännchen were up to during the night and pass by the most iconic sights, such as the Cologne Cathedral, the town hall and the roman church of Great St. Martin.

Attendees: max. 25
Price p.P.: 10€

Silent Seeing

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

With this Wireless headphone tour, we will put sightseeing to a new level. Vibrant and enthusiastic guides and proper sound effects will bring the stories of the Belgian Quarter, the Roman city wall, 4711, and the old town around Heumarkt to life. Feel free to stop for pictures of the beautiful view of the river Rhine or the world-famous cathedral, never mind, the guide is always in your ear.

Attendees: unlimited
Price p.P.: 10€

Crime Scenes Cologne

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

In this guided tour we will explore the criminal history of Cologne. We will visit the crime scenes of the most thrilling and unique criminal cases from the medieval times until today.

Attendees: max. 25
Price p.P: 10€

Cologne Cathedral - Classic Tour

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

The magnificent Cathedral of Cologne is one of the most visited sights in Germany. Being the second highest building in the city and having room for up to 20.000 people, you can spot it from almost everywhere in the center. Let's explore this magical place and its history.

Attendees: max. 25
Price p. P.: 6€

Cologne Cathedral - Rooftop

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

On this tour we will take you above the roofs of Cologne. Let’s explore the hidden and unknown tower rooms of the Cologne cathedral, while enjoying marvelous views of the city.

Attendees: max. 17
Price p.P.: 13€

Cologne from Below

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

Dive into the history of Cologne. Discover impressive and monumental remains of the Roman and Germanic time period below the ground of the city. In a 2hour tour you will be guided through mysterious places and archeological excavations. We are sure you haven’t seen Cologne from this point of view yet!

Attendees: max. 25
Price p.P.: 12€

Other Activities

Brewery Tour at Mühlen Kölsch

Sat, 28th March, 3-6 p.m.

In this Tour, we will visit Mühlen Kölsch, one of the oldest breweries of cologne. You will get to know the history of the location and how a simple brewery became a favorite location for having food and Beer 100% from cologne as well as an hotel. After the event, we will have some Dinner and get together.

Attendees: max. 20
Price p.P.: 12€ + Dinner charges

Chocolate Museum

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

You love chocolate? You were always interested in how the cocoa bean is turned into a such deliciousness? Then this is the perfect activity for you. We will travel through the world of the chocolate in this guided tour. From the history of the chocolate in the past and in the present to the historic production, we will have the chance to taste an exclusive selection of the worldwide famous chocolate museum.

Attendees: max. 25
Price p. P.: 13.50€



Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

Have fun in a thrilling LaserTag game! Feel the adrenaline flood your body and play for your team’s victory in an exciting science fiction environment. By the way it’s a good opportunity to get to know people you met the days before better.

Attendees: unlimited
Price p.P.: 20€

Jump House

Sat, 28th March, 3 - 6 p.m.

Get ready to jump! Show us your skills racing through the obstacles in the Ninja Box, play Dodgeball or Basketball or become a gladiator in the Battle Box. And the best part is, you will do all of this while jumping on over 90 trampolines.

Attendees: max. 15
Price p.P.: 23€

Pub Tour

Thu, 26th March, 8.30 pm

After a whole day of lectures, workshops and poster session, what could be better than spending some quality time with friends and people to become friends around you while discovering Cologne’s nightlife? Chatting again with someone you met before at your poster in a relaxed atmosphere or just getting to know other people from all over the world. Here is your chance!

Already included within the conference fee